Qi Gong: A Healing Art for Health Instructors:

Angela K. Lee, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist and Qi Gong Instructor

Cara J. Lee
Qi Gong Class Instructor

Qi Gong Class Outline:

Class 1: Intro to Qi Gong Exercise and Warm Up

Class 2: Chinese Medicine of Qi Gong

Class 3: Herbs for your Health

Class 4: Demonstration of Acupuncture

Class 5: Review Qi Gong for Health

Class 6: Progress Reports for Each Student

Class 7: Practicing on Your Own/Evaluations

Class 8: Review Stances and Benefits of Qi Gong

~ Dress warm for the class
~ Eat a meal 1/2 hour before class
~ Have loose fitting clothing for movement
~ RELAX your body during practice
~ Keep shoulders and knees bent
~ Relax your mind and not think about the practice
Warm Up Exercises

Belly Breaths

Neck Rotation

Shoulder Rotation Forwards

Shoulder Rotation Backwards

Twist and Pat

Giant Arm Rotations

Back Stretch

Hip Rotations

Knee Rotations

Ankle Rotations

Standing Qi Gong

Feet are Shoulders width apart

Feet are parallel

Toes are grabbing the earth

Pelvis is forward or rotated up

Butt is flat without a curve in the back

Open knees to a bowed position

Stomach is tight

Lift and open Chest

Your head is looking straight forward, you can move your eyes

Bring hands up the side of the body

Turn your wrist at your hips and hands

Come forward

Have your hands land in position in front of you like you are riding a motocycle

Readjust the shoulders to keep them relaxed

Readjust your head again to keep it forward

Bring your chin slightly down


Tongue is touching the roof of your mouth

Keep a fist length between your body and your arms

Elbows are in front of body

Elbows are bent and forearms are parallel to the earth

Wrists are straight and level

Fingers are curved like you are hold a ball, space between each finger, thumbs are bent and level to hand

Sitting Qi Gong

Sit on a sturdy Chair, come forward

Move Rear end towards the front of the chair for more weight to bare on the legs

Feet are one foot length apart

Feet are parallel

Toes are pressing to the earth

Knees are apart and bowed

Tighten Stomach

Straighten back

Move your Chest up and open

Tongue is touching the roof of your mouth

Hands are in a circle in front of you

Palms line up


Wrists are straight and level

Keep your arms from touching your body

Hands curved like you are hold a ball, space between fingers, thumbs are bent and level to hand

Qi Gong Practice Finishing Movements
Hands and arms are extended straight in front of you 

Squeeze and relax 3 x breathing in with your nose and out with your mouth

Inhale and bring hands towards neck

Press down 3x

Pat yourself off:
arms first then
down on the outside up on the inside 3x,
ross hands to rub knees,
at down legs last


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