What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong (or Chi Gung) refers to a wide variety of traditional cultivation practices that involve methods of accumulating, circulating, and working with energy (qi) within the body. Qi Gong is practiced for health maintenance and therapeutic intervention as its roots are in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi refers the energy that runs the body or life force and gong simply refers the practice.

Shaolin One Finger Qi Gong

Shaolin One Finger Qi Gong style is taught by Angela Lee at UC San Francisco and Kaiser Permanente San Francisco.

Shaolin One Finger Qi Gong is 1 of 4 officially recognized by China as a safe healthcare practice. The full name of this Qi Gong style is Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan. Angela is the direct student of Cai Qiu Bai, the 19th Great Grand Master from Shanghai, China. She continues to study with Master Cai for over 16 years. The emphasis of Shaolin One Finger Qi Gong is allowing the body a safe way to heal.

Shaolin One Finger Qi Gong's intention is to build your body's qi. Unlike most styles of Qi Gong, this style requires no use of the mind or movement of the body. The belief is that in holding certain postures or stances qi will flow and build naturally. The student is to NOT think about or guide qi. Our emphasis is that qi is smart in itself and understands the natural flow in the channels. In Chinese Medicine disease or pain derives from qi deficiency and stuck or blocked qi in the body. So as the student fills up with qi, the qi flows it's natural pattern and timing. In today's fast paced lifestyles we use our minds way too much. This training is an opportunity to move away from that habit. Our motto is RELAX, KEEP DOWN, AND NO THINKING.

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