Acupuncture vs. Qi Gong

What's the difference?

Acupuncture and Qi Gong are both based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In a traditional scenario of healing both would be used to assist in the healing of the body. The key difference between the two is how each effects your qi.

First you would need to understand the concept of qi. Qi is the energy in your body that sparks your organs to work. Some people use the term "Life Force" I say, "What isn't qi?". Qi is that which makes your heart beat and your lungs breathe. It is present in every party of your body. When the body is low on qi this is when disease or health issues arise in the body.

In Acupuncture, a Licensed Acupuncture will diagnose you and determine your health issue and formulate a treatment plan. The Acupuncturist will then place acupuncture needles in key points to facilitate your flow of qi. This method is pushing or redirecting your qi to move in a certain speed or pathway to allow accellerated healing. Acupuncture would be needed in a series of treatments 1-2x/week depending on the health issue.

In practicing Qi Gong you will be cultivating qi and allow it to build and replenish in your body. This increase of qi in your body will improve the circulation of your body fluids and overall energy. I usually use the example of a fountain fill with water. In time if the water is evaporated and not replenished the flow of water through the channels and pump is less effiecient. When more water is added the pump and the water flow in the fountain is abundant. Qi Gong can then be practiced at home everyday to improve your health issue. Improvement will vary in time from 3 weeks to 3 months depending how much time is put into practicing Qi Gong. It is best to start with a qualified instructor to get the basic foundation to the moves and stances in Qi Gong

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